A nearly 100% remake of the debut S/T album. Why? Because I can.


released July 6, 2015

Jerry Norton: Everything

Cover art is an adaptation of "Cross in the Mountains" by Caspar David Friedrich. © Creative Commons



all rights reserved


Cleansing the Damned Port Townsend, Washington

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Track Name: Life

Life feeds on death

Drawing energy from my corpse

Bleed me dry

Take everything
Track Name: Death

I feel like this is the end

Wasting, hating, hiding from you

I feel like this is my death

Wasting, hating, hiding from you

Lying in this pool of blood

Wasting, hating, hiding from you


This is my Death!

I fear my soul is lost

Wasting, hating, embracing you

I fear eternity is gone

Wasting, hating, embracing you

Burning in this lake of fire

Wasting, hating, embracing you


This is my Death!

Screaming to the heavens!

Drawing out my last breath!

Satan claws at my feet!

Pulling me into the burning depths!


This is my Death!
Track Name: The Mirror
The Mirror

I found the darkness within your grounds
to be cold and filthy
I found a new take on reality

Once you showed me your soul
I couldn't live the same
Once you exposed your heart
I couldn't bear the shame

I sought your darkness
To be one with your pain
I sought your vision
To understand your hate

Once I knew your guilt
I couldn't keep the faith
Once you shed your skin
I saw my liars face

I am you...
You are me...
Don't deny...
What this is to be...
Track Name: Consciousness

i see you sitting there watching from a distance.
waiting for something...
drawing on my energy...

lost to reality
you can't see anything but green.
symbolic of your hate...
symbolic of my fate...

wash away your notions of love.
dream away self-awareness.
join the revolution of Rage in the new age.

lost on the edge of pain and lust
i wait for a new hope.

selfish desires of wasted dreams...
don't lose yourself too much...
i can't feel you anymore
and it feels fine.
i've lost you...
i've lost you...

tortured by spiritual lust...
i gave away everything
and you say it's just...

i want to see how you work inside.
the gears of mindlessness
mustn't turn very fast
...I want you in front of me
wondering why there is no fear...

you can't hold me back much longer
i am almost done here...
i have almost died here...

don't judge what you hear
it might jump out and take you into my darkness.

...and you are but a ghost floating in it.
Your soul bleached by my will...faded...wasted
...drawn back every time you have a conscious thought
...don't try to think
it wastes my time.

pent-up angst keeps me here
...this frame of mind
...this state of being
shall never be understood
or attained by anyone

lost are you to my hate
lost are you to my rage
justified i am...

let go of everything
it no longer matters

slow things down...
for i am not the creature you see in the mirror
i am everything you hold dear

too much stimulation...
i must find a Zen
something not understood
something that hasn’t been

the thoughts of many
have squeezed out reason
drawn to its beauty
like a moth to the light

you die...
we die...
Track Name: The Burning
The Burning

I am the king depraved
I am the rage of a thousand shattered souls
Walked on and shit on my hearts no longer warm
Cold and bitter is how I feel
Now that hope has washed away

Energy focused into sin
Burning away all within
Burning for all to see
Burning for eternity

Hate is my only warmth
Indiscriminately it targets all in my way
The passive and the aggressive are no longer the same
I no longer stand and watch
As everything is taken away

Energy focused into sin
Burning away all within
Burning for all to see
Burning for eternity

I am no longer forgiveness divine
Tress-pass against me and you will know
Your worst enemy I shall be
Standing on your grave for all to see
Lost to the hate of a thousand ruined lives
Pushed to the edge of sanity
I will lay you to waste at my feet

Energy focused into sin
Burning away all within
Burning for all to see
Burning for eternity
Track Name: Slavery

This place has been tainted
By the filth that we gave life
The memories took shape
And tore it all apart...
They tore it all apart...

Now I can't find you
Gone beneath the cold
Oh how I miss you
And the soul I've sold

Trying to find you...
Trying to embrace you...
Trying to find my way
To embrace the pain

Your voice has haunted my dreams
And still you won't show yourself
An eternity left to sleep

Trying to find you...
Trying to embrace you...
Trying to find my way
To embrace the pain

I found you in my own time
Waiting for me in chains
The darkness that binds
Has made us slaves

Trying to find you...
Trying to embrace you...
Trying to find my way
To embrace the pain
Track Name: The Suffering
The Suffering

the pleasure through hate


the satisfaction of agony


I want you to feel my hate


I want you to suffer my fate


The power of hate

Brings you to your knees

Crushes you

Makes you suffer

I just want you to feel what I feel

What I feel every day

The Hate

The Suffering

You’re all bathing in it

Bathing in the lust of my hate

You’re drowning now

Drowning in it

Drowning in my hate

All hope is gone

When you enter my world

All hope is destroyed by the hate
Track Name: Illusions

Here I stand before you
A man himself beside
I found my shattered soul
On this moon-less night
discarded by your thoughtless ways
And broken by the hate so blind

Don't look to me for faith
I am whole again but I have no faith

Here you come raping my time
Your last effort to convert me
You want to be my savior
But I won't suffer your deceit

Don't look to me for faith
I found my way but not my place

You can't have my soul
You won't take my mind
I won't let you penetrate
This world of my Illusion
Track Name: Veil of Red
Veil of Red

a blood soaked shirt

a red knife caked with dirt

a beating heart in my hand

a six foot hole dug in the sand

i see your face

so peaceful

staring at me in the moonlight

oblivious to the pain in my head

you’ll suffer no more

on this cold night

don’t cry for her

she didn’t suffer long

this was for the best

her beauty captured

in her eternal rest

don’t shed a tear

she didn’t suffer long

it was for the best

i cant stop this

the pain in my head

will i do this again

is the answer you dread

don’t look at me like that

i’m not a monster

this is my world

through a veil of red
Track Name: The Strange
The Strange

Treading water

I fight to escape the abyss

Struggling to escape I‭’‬m losing air

Fear imprinted on my brain

It holds me here‭


I can see the light above me

But it‭’‬s slipping futher away

The dark is pulling me in

Taking everything

Your eyes are fading

Turning to black


Never looking back

I am gone lost to you

Your love went cold

And I drifted away

And now we are


The dark is now all I see

I have slipped as far as I can

The cold has taken my heart

It‭’‬s gone



‬Drifting now

In a sea of black

Lost to each other

Never turning back